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Tutorials , Articles and Hope!
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A developers life

Laptop open

This is more of an introductory post and it covers mostly what my journey in life was and is.

Personally making games has been a childhood dream, I remember the first time I played a video game, which was lion king by the way! I was so mesmerized by the whole experience and it never left my mind.
Fast forward a few years i decided to learn 3D animation and start my journey there!

From 3D animation to a car mechanic

Now you might wonder “What’s that got to do with me?” well you are free to change both names to whatever ails you! In my case i transitioned from one aspect of game development to a complete different one. Truth be told very few people make their lives the way they want to, be it personal circumstances or just the burden of life falling over you, humans tend to lose hope at some point in life just trying to survive.

I’m sure many of you reading this post (if any at all!) ended up doing something different at one point in your life . Life always finds to way to either mess with you or reward you, now that part is entirely up to us to decide! In my case after serving in the army i was in need of money and being young and full of life i lost track of my dream and together with bills and responsibilities i chose the easy way out. At that point i was working full time as a car mechanic and just living the moment with no worries at all in regards to my future, i met my current wife , fell in love and well.. things just lingered!

The beginning

At one point in your life you end up wondering what’s going to happen in the future, For once, you are not getting any younger! Just as a video game our life and experience points at one point come to an end , the bad part is that those two don’t go along all the way to end. As your age variable increases your other stats like health , mana and ability to learn new skills deteriorates. Not fair right?

So at one point in my life i remember watching a Facebook ad about a game engine and what it could create and something clicked in me! It was breathtaking! So there i was working a 12 hour job i hated , freshly married with all the good things that come out of it (if you are lucky!) , and a hunger for my delicious long lost and forgotten dreams. That game engine was GameMaker! The year was 2015.

Fast forward in life a few years and a few hurdles later there i was working during the day and coding during the night. Fast forward again to 2017 , 2 years had past in my hobby game wannabe self and my wife got pregnant! Happy as i could be and as optimistic as possible i found myself in a tough situation. “What to do now? stay right here in my current job or take the leap of faith?”. Well let me tell you what, the leap of faith is a lot harder in real life as most of you know so all you got to do is clench that jaw and wait for it!

The big choice

As the lights dim and you are waiting for the curtain to fall you can either bow to the audience or walk away behind the curtain. So at 2019 with a two year old kid i took that leap, i decided to bow in front of the curtain and quit my job. Now if this was a game! that would start my career and make everything turn into a nice scenario where the protagonist finally manages to overcome his demons and make it happen. This is not this kind of game.

The first year was hard with no income at all , i did a couple of android games hoping to make it solo but that tree did not produce any fruit. A mans worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes.
Then again what is it that makes a man? what is it that makes people succeed? Now bare in mind success is subjective , what some might consider success might not be what others do! In my case success is making it through and at September 2020 i managed to make that leap into my dream. I started out small and slowly build up my portfolio and clients and here i am now successful in my own eyes and the eyes of my wife and kid and frankly that is all that matters!

Closing scene

Thank you all for making it all the way down here! It must have been a long read and probably on a first glance it might seem irrelevant to you but! the message i was trying to convey is that sometimes , well most times! , things in life as in video games don’t go as planned. sometimes you need to grind for exp in order to level up, sometimes you just stock up on potions and jump in that dungeon , others you plan everything from the beginning and slowly make your way through. The ending of the game though is the same , so make your game the way you want it to be and you will surely reach the end!

Thank you!! and hope to see you again!

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